Happy New Year 2017!


This year, I hope to bring you more of my family treasures as I continue to share my research of my southwest Louisiana family.  I want to bring to light some stories of my ancestors who free people of color as they made their way in Saint Landry Parish.   Maybe this year, I will be able to share some of my DNA findings!

This year I may also need to change the format of this blog as I plan to launch my website.  I have set as a goal to do a blog post a month – wish me luck!

I pray for you and yours during this new year and wish you hope of health, wealth, and prosperity!

Happy searching!

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For the last 30+ years, I've worked as a finance executive for a global corporation and I am now retired. In 2000, I started seriously researching my family ancestry, and I was able to trace both my maternal and my paternal line back to 1700s. I've identified ancestors that were free people of color. I've even traced several separate lineages of my enslaved ancestors through slave property rights documentation. I've helped many with their personal genealogical quests and I've shared my personal genealogical findings on my blog: Ancestors in the Present. In 2017, I will begin doing workshops and seminars to help others get started in genealogy. I also have run Ancestral Pathways LLC, which provides genealogical services. If you would like my help, I can be reached at iyatee@gmail.com.

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