jumpstart family research package:

this package can be customized for your needs. it can include services like:

  • creating your first family tree
  • starting your family research
  • identifying research goals
  • advising a genealogical research plan
  • the best tools for beginner and intermediate genealogical research
  • support when stuck on a vital research question

and more!

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slave ancestry research

Trace centuries back into your history to identify family members, names, and more. We can help come up with a strategy and a research plan to help you uncover more about ancestral roots if your ancestors were enslaved in the Americas. We can guide you with the best tools and research to help you during your search. We can also jumpstart slave ancestry research for you, identify key questions, and provide evidence for slave ancestral genealogy.

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family reunion workshops

Educate the whole family at this summer’s reunion with games, activities, artifacts, and ideas that highlight your family’s uniqueness. Wow the family with beautiful keepsakes like family trees, informational booklets, calendars and more so they can take their legacy home.

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DNA report consultation

Are you deciding between an AncestryDNA test or an African Ancestry test? There is a huge different between the two. Do you need help interpreting or getting your family’s DNA results? We can advise on the best tests for your family to support your research goals, provide strategy on getting family members tested, and interpret your DNA results.

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oral history and interview research

Oral history is a vital way to capture important genealogical insight, but can be tricky to do if you don’t have the right tools, questions, and support. Let me help you conduct, facilitate, or plan a successful interview with an elder or family member with everything you need to get the most out of family interviews.

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genealogy presentations and webinars

Dive deep in a specific genealogy and research topic. Need slave research help? Need ideas on getting started? Want to learn more about the different types of DNA testing? We can create a presentation just for you, and also will provide more general presentations and webinars soon. Want a unique research project presented at a reunion? Contact us to learn more!

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Other ancestral research and genealogy services offered include:

Vital Records Retrieval: support your family history research with evidence. Let us help you uncover licenses, certificates, service records, and more to help you along your search.

Genealogy Pedigree Reporting: dive deep into your family’s lineage with pedigree reporting. This can include creating your first family tree, generational family outlines, and a family group sheet.

Brick Wall Breakthroughs: Stuck on a specific issues? Get consultation and support with getting through a seemingly dead-end in your ancestral search, and get tips, tricks, and support how to have a breakthrough.

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